Congratulations to the graduates of our Sao Paulo GMAT Weekend prep course! On the weekend of May 25 to May 27, we partnered up with TalentoTotal to prepare 8 of their students for their upcoming GMAT exams. In one weekend, our students underwent an intense Indigo Prep GMAT prep crash-course, supported by access to online video content and individual coaching sessions. Our students hailed from firms such as McKinsey, the Inter-American Development Bank, and BNP!

Topics we covered:

  • Quant Content and Strategy
  • Verbal Content and Strategy
  • GMAT Practice Tests, Review, and Feedback
  • Arithmetic Strategy
  • Pronoun Usage
  • Optimizing Testing Behavior to Beat the GMAT Algorithm

See below for the sights and sounds of the weekend crash-course!

About TalentoTotal: TalentoTotal creates pathways for Afro-Latino men and women to access top notch graduate education. TalentoTotal conducted a search to identify the best GMAT instruction in the world, and selected IndigoPrep to prepare its candidates for the GMAT test.

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Visit Indigo Prep to learn more about the topics that we covered during the bootcamp. We offer unlimited access to the industry's top GMAT prep materials, and subscription options for 1-on-1 tutoring from veteran GMAT instructors with over 20 years of experience!